You Can Rent Our Equipment With Ease

Check out the information we need before you can take our tools

When you get tools or equipment from Snowy Range Equipment Rental LLC, we'll take care of all the proper documentation. This paperwork helps ensure that you and our machinery are safe. We'll ask you for your photo ID and proof of insurance for your car if you're towing one of our rented trailers. If you're coming from a contracting or excavation company, we'll also ask for proof of commercial insurance. Finally, you'll fill out a rental agreement which includes the deposit and rental fee.

Get in touch with us now to hear more about the documentation we require.

5 things to know before you rent our tools or equipment

Before renting from us, there are a few things you need to know. Check out these facts about our rental services:

1. Your equipment will come fully fueled. Fuel surcharges will be applied if you don't return your equipment with a full tank.
2. We have a $50 delivery fee within 10 miles of our store. We charge $2.50 for any additional mile.
3. Our rentals are available for daily, weekly or monthly use. The longer you rent, the lower your rate.
4. Once you get your equipment, you must let us know which day you plan to return it.
5. Any misuse or negligence of our equipment is your responsibility.

When we get the machinery back, we'll evaluate its condition to ensure it's still in top condition. Ask us any questions about our rental process when you get in touch with us today.